HCMUD 383 COVID-19 UPDATE – What Not To Flush

Mar 26, 2020See All Posts

As you are keenly aware, the situation caused by COVID-19 is changing almost daily. Due to the search for toilet paper and “flushable” alternatives flooding the market, people are beginning to flush items down the drain that are not meant to be disposed of in that fashion. The result of flushing other products could mean major wastewater treatment issues for your individual home and the District.

Toilet paper alternatives such as “flushable wipes”, wet wipes, sanitary napkins, and/or paper towels cannot be flushed down the toilet safely. These products often create major blockages in your home’s sewer lines and district’s wastewater treatment line; further, if it makes it to the sewage treatment plant, the facilities can be overworked trying to process that solid waste. Please take the time to dispose of these products properly in a waste receptacle in your home.

By flushing these other types of products, we can not only create inconveniences in our services but also incur very costly repairs.

Please do NOT flush wet wipes, tissues or heavy paper towels!!

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the information above, please feel free to contact the district via the District’s “Contact Us” page.

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